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Preschool art is all about exploration and learning simple skills. It’s about playing with the art mediums and seeing what can be created.  I want the kids to use their imaginations, but also learn different technical skills like gluing, tearing, cutting, painting, drawing and coloring. I also try to incorporate religious teaching into our art by talking about God and many different Bible stories so they can create artwork from these teachings.  

Lower School art is all about taking the simple skills the children have learned and building on those skills. We will dive into the technical aspects of art and also learning the different principles and elements of art. By the end of the year, we will have touched on every principle of art, learning about emphasis, unity, proportion, movement, variety, balance, and pattern and how to successfully incorporate these aspects into their artwork. Students will also learn how use the elements of art texture, form, shape, value, space, color, and line and how these elements add a finished touch to their art pieces. Art is also about reflection on life and the things around us, including the teaching of God and the Bible, and how we can incorporate our understanding of God and the Bible into our artwork.   

Upper School is about taking the students’ artwork and skills to the next level.  In Lower School, they learned the basic principle and elements, but now it’s time to push their understanding of these skills and build on their technique of the different principles and elements of art. The students will be able to experiment with different mediums, learn about new art and old art, and study the different artists from different time periods. They will also create artwork that reflects Biblical teachings, using the inspiration they get from the different mediums, artists and art periods.      


Brandi Pope

I am a teacher of Prek-3 to 8th grade art. My passion for art and teaching has been a part of my life since I was a child. My faith and my family are top priority’s they keep me strong. I am blessed to be married to my husband of one year and to be having our first child in December of this year. I am excited that God has opened an opportunity to use my gift to teach at Crown of Life.

In 2014, I graduated from University of Texas at Arlington and earned my Bachelors of Fine Arts with Certification in Teaching. As a first year teacher, I am blessed to share my love of art and learning in my own classroom. I am honored to be starting my teaching career at Crown of Life.


I would love to have your child as a student in my class because…

  • I want to encourage them to explore new things
  • I want to teach them that religion and art can be one  
  • I will help them learn to be good at talking about how they feel and showing that expression in art
  • We will work on craftsmanship, creativity and learn about the different elements and principles of art
  • All students will work on coloring, painting, sculpture, and many more aspects of art
  • We will review the bible and integrate this into our art work
  • We will integrate all the core classes  
  • We will also integrate Art, music, PE, and Spanish to enrich the lives of our students  

I look forward to seeing you as a part of Crown of Life next year. If I can be of any further help to you, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Disclaimer:  Current teachers listed are 2017/2018 school year.  

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