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Innovation in Academic, Spiritual and Emotional Growth


We love hearing from our former students!

Jennifer K.
"COL gave me the foundational biblical knowledge needed to build a strong faith. Not only through religion classes and devotion time, but also by applying Christian attitudes throughout all classes, they taught me how to daily walk in fellowship with Him. COL taught me everyday how to treat all people with kindness and respect and love. These tools have helped me be successful in high school and college and even the working world; through all of it I have had many opportunities and met many people. I hope that these people have seen qualities in me that praise and honor God and show Christ's love."

Daniel H.
"COLLS helped keep me grounded in faith throughout high school and into college. They showed me that ministering often came from common interactions, not big trips or planned events and helped me show Jesus' love in everyday actions and let His Love be an everyday event."

Allyson K.
"After 8 years at COLLS, I continued growing spiritually because of the habits I had created of reading the Word, praying, going to church, and more. COLLS showed me what it's like to be surrounded by your brothers and sisters in Christ that it had encouraged me in so many ways. I've also learned many life lessons from COLLS."

Mary Jane V.
"COL was a great experience for me. I have a lot of positive memories from attending school there. My teachers taught me a lot about God's love and encouraged me to show that through my daily actions. I will be forever grateful to the school for enforcing Christian values and making me a better, more responsible Christian leader."

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