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Innovation in Academic, Spiritual and Emotional Growth

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Our teachers use a Christ-centered approach to educate the mind, build character, and transform lives so children are successfully prepared to enter the world as educated Christians.

UPPER SCHOOL (Grades 5-8)
Upper School shapes the adult your child will become. This is a time that can be very challenging filled with physical and emotional changes.  Physical changes at school include changing classes, multiple teachers and individual lockers.  This combined with the physical and emotional changes of puberty which include; a new level of self-doubt, insecurity and confusion all add stress to any middle school student’s day.

Configure Youth Employment: A Pathway to Economic Growth

One of the greatest obstacles in eating healthy food can be a lack of accessibility. Families may choose to buy less healthy food because it is more available or less expensive than junk foods. Communities that recognize this imbalance can initiate campaigns like food drives to donate healthy foods to low-income households. In this United Way Charting a Course for Change report, tax incentives have been identified as an option for helping lower-cost groceries to appear in communities. Naturally, this would make healthy produce more widely accessible for everyone.

UPS Builds Library for Optimus Health Care

What an incredible day! UPS, located in Stratford, delivered close to six-hundred children’s books to Optimus Health Care as a result of the Dr. Jim Crispino Book Challenge. This year, UPS staff started their spring cleaning quite early as they United Way operates successful programs like Born Learning to encourage parents and educators to participate fully and in positive ways during a child's earliest learning stages.


Volunteers are the backbone of the United Way organization.  If you are interested in volunteering for the United Way, please complete our volunteer form.


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