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Innovation in Academic, Spiritual and Emotional Growth


Upper School

Upper School shapes the adult your child will become. This is a time that can be very challenging filled with physical and emotional changes.  Physical changes at school include changing classes, multiple teachers and individual lockers.  This combined with the physical and emotional changes of puberty which include; a new level of self-doubt, insecurity and confusion all add stress to any middle school student’s day.

 It takes a strong, yet nurturing teacher to properly lead these young adults.  Our highly degreed staff recognize these challenges and are committed to advising these students in order to shape their personalities and help them become tomorrow’s leaders.

Research shows that children take ownership of their faith during the middle school years.  The COLLS teachers and staff work diligently with students during these developmental years to help them become stronger in their faith and in themselves.   By teaching faith, we build respectful, self-confident, reliable students who make better choices in high school and in life.

At COLLS, religion is more than just a lecture.  Each quarter, a pastor teaches a lesson unit in addition to their regularly scheduled religion class. Throughout each week, students are actively engaged in mission work and showing Jesus’ love.  They are planning, developing, and implementing ways to serve our community.  This is truly a hands on approach to religion.

COLLS Upper School students are required to obtain a minimum of 30 hours of community service per school year.  Our students have received high honors and recognition for their dedication to our community. Studies show students who volunteer have an increased desire to learn, are more productive, develop a sense of purpose and deter from negative behaviors and choices.


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Disclaimer:  Current teachers listed are 2017/2018 school year.  

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