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School Board

The School Board of Crown of Life Lutheran School strives to organize and operate the school to help students and families grow in Christ. To this end, the School Board functions to God’s glory in maintaining spiritual, curricular, organizational, staff and financial leadership for the school.

The job of the School Board is to govern, not manage the school.

The School Board members pledge themselves to serve the Lord and to ensure:
  • The school will operate for the benefit of all families and children, regardless of race, color, background or national origin
  • Hold with integrity, confidentiality, and mutual trust the office entrusted to them
  • Seek the spiritual welfare of children and families, most of all upholding with God’s help our mission to make disciples of people
  • Strive to maintain organizational and financial responsibility for the school
  • Supervise and support all church workers and staff
  • Facilitate yearly goal setting, adults and accreditation for the school

Member selection:

A nominating committee, chosen by the Parish Planning Council, presents a slate of candidates for all elected offices.  Only active members of Crown of Life Lutheran Church who are at least 18 years of age are eligible to hold elective positions. The candidates are voted on during the voter’s assembly meeting of church members. Newly elected officers and board members are installed on the first Sunday in December and assume their duties of office as of January 1st of the following year.

School Board Positions:

Officer positions include President, Vice President, Secretary, and committee chairpersons. The board consists of nine (9) members who each serve a two-year term.  The School Board elects their officers for one year terms from among its members at the first meeting after the installation of new board members in December.


School Board Meetings are conducted once per month.