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Parent Testimonials


"We've been at Crown of Life for 6+ years since preschool for my girls. We love COLLS for the excellent teachers and curriculum. The family/community feeling you get really helps us feel connected. They have so many unique educational experiences."

"We found Crown of Life after moving to the area a couple of years ago and are so thankful we did! This is our daughter's second year at the school and she loves it. Not only is she thriving in every subject but her character is being shaped and her faith strengthened through their wonderful Christ-centered approach to education. The small class sizes really help the children excel. We appreciate how the school staff is consistently trying to innovate and implement proven educational strategies. We are so happy we found a place that reinforces the values we teach our children at home while also providing a small, family-like atmosphere."

"Since leaving public school and coming to Crown of Life my girls now LOVE school. The difference was obvious to them. As a 4th and 6th grader they both said to me that they are no longer just a number. The teachers know them as individuals and the classes are so small that if they are having trouble in a certain subject the teachers recognize and and help them get it. They are never left behind. Its such a bonus to be taking a foreign language in grammar school too! What an edge up they will have. The teachers are not only kind and caring but also energetic and exciting. My kids have never said they were bored. They are challenged daily in academics and personal growth. The best part is the Faith that this school is fostering the kids with and my girls enjoy this part the most. They love that they are surrounded by other faithful people."

"Crown of Life Lutheran School has been a wonderful school for my children! They love their teachers, friends and they know the Lord! What more could I ask for! Yes...the academics are superb, but that is just a bonus! We have been here since preschool and are now in the upper school. It has been a great experience for both of my children. The lock-in, the science, the community service, all super fun stuff that makes them LOVE school. So sorry for those that had a poor experience, that truly is NOT the norm for this school but a few isolated instances that surely had a one sided review. Yes, we have had a high turnover rate, but that has mostly been due to families moving from the area or for financial reasons. Overall, this IS the best school in the area, I have looked, just to make sure, and will not be moving my children."

Student Testimonials

"COL gave me the foundational biblical knowledge needed to build a strong faith. Not only through religion classes and devotion time, but also by applying Christian attitudes throughout all classes, they taught me how to daily walk in fellowship with Him. COL taught me everyday how to treat all people with kindness and respect and love. These tools have helped me be successful in high school and college and even the working world; through all of it I have had many opportunities and met many people. I hope that these people have seen qualities in me that praise and honor God and show Christ's love." - Jennifer K.

"COLLS helped keep me grounded in faith throughout high school and into college. They showed me that ministering often came from common interactions, not big trips or planned events and helped me show Jesus' love in everyday actions and let His Love be an everyday event." - Daniel H.

"After 8 years at COLLS, I continued growing spiritually because of the habits I had created of reading the Word, praying, going to church, and more. COLLS showed me what it's like to be surrounded by your brothers and sisters in Christ that it had encouraged me in so many ways. I've also learned many life lessons from COLLS." -Allyson K.


"COL was a great experience for me. I have a lot of positive memories from attending school there. My teachers taught me a lot about God's love and encouraged me to show that through my daily actions. I will be forever grateful to the school for enforcing Christian values and making me a better, more responsible Christian leader." -Mary Jane V.