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The Lower School at Crown of Life is comprised of grades one through four.  During these foundational years we offer a unique and innovative instructional approach through hands-on experiences, inquiry, project-based learning, Thinking Maps, peer collaboration, active seating and team teaching.  Our students do not just learn facts but rather, how to apply what they have learned. 

The balanced literacy language arts program incorporates both phonics and sight words while fostering a love of literature.  It includes spelling, grammar, expressive writing and vocabulary development.  The strongest elements of each are incorporated into a Reading/Writing Workshop Model which provides guided reading, independent reading, shared reading, word study and expressive writing opportunities through individual, small-group and whole-group direct instruction. 

Our mathematics curriculum builds computational fluency not only through practice in basic skills but also through hands-on mathematical modeling and problem-solving tools.  Students discover the concepts behind the facts and how mathematics applies to real life.

The STEM components of the science curriculum are designed around critical thinking skills and investigations giving students the opportunity to predict, inquire, analyze and then apply key scientific concepts. 

In social studies classes students are motivated to become active and informed citizens as they explore geography, history and current events.  Students apply social studies concepts through cooperative activities, mapping, graphing and role playing.  Teachers facilitate learning through field trips, technology links, research projects and re-enactments. 

Enrichment classes in art, music, computer, Spanish and physical education give students the opportunity to discover their interests and develop their gifts. 

Most importantly, beyond academics our students are taught to model Christian character traits and are given opportunities to serve and lead.