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Teacher - Barbara Hautanen

Mrs. Barbara Hautanen received a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from Trinity University and has over thirty years of experience teaching preschool to ninth grade Spanish.  Mrs. Hautanen is an active member at St. Vincent’s Church where she serves in the altar guild, bell choir and intercessory prayer group.  She and her husband have two daughters and when not teaching she enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, traveling and participating in mission outreach programs. 

Spanish Scope & Sequence: Incorporating the Physical Response Method*
  • Preschool – Kindergarten:  Vocabulary, Actions, Songs, Stories & Cultural Studies
  • 1st – 4th Grade:  Nouns, Verbs, Spelling, Actions, Songs, Stories, Skits & Cultural Studies
  • 5th – 6th Grade:  Verb Conjugation, Sentence Structure, Writing, Conversational Speech, Actions, Songs, Stories, Skits  & Cultural Studies
  • 7th – 8th Grade:  Spanish I:  Buen Viaje Curriculum

*Physical Response Method – The Physical Response Method is a language-learning method based on the coordination of language and physical movement. Teachers give instructions to students in the target language and students respond with whole-body actions.

A Sampling of Special Spanish Activities:
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • Dia de la Raza
  • Las Posadas
  • Upper School Field Trip to a Mexican Restaurant