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Campus Security

Safety and security is our number one priority at Crown of Life.  Therefore, we have partnered with Raptor Technologies to screen visitors to our campus ensuring that only those who should be in the school are admitted. Interior and exterior video monitors are in place campus wide and monitored by the office staff.  All entrances to the building are locked while school is in session and visitors must request access to the school by ringing our intercom door monitor and talking to the School Receptionist. 

When a visitor is invited by the receptionist to enter, they must then present their driver’s license to be processed by the Raptor Program.  If the visitor passes this security scan, then a visitor name tag is printed.  All visitors must wear their name tags the entire time they are in the building.  As an extra level of security, interior doors are secured for the Early Childhood, Lower School and Middle School wings. Visitors cannot pass into these wings unless they are escorted by a staff member who is able to unlock the doors. 

A lock-down procedure is in place and periodic drills are conducted so students and staff know what to do in an emergency. Fire, tornado and evacuation drills are also conducted on a regular basis during the school year.