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After School Enrichment

Crown of Life Lutheran School provides after school enrichment classes for students in Kindergarten through 8th grade.  These eight-week classes are led by teachers and different selections are offered each semester.  Listed below are examples of recent offerings.

Students learn about character development, placement on the stage, reading with expression, auditions, monologues, speaking in public and voice projection culminating with a one-act play presentation.  
Computer Applications
Students explore creating and storytelling with iPads and new presentation apps including stop motion, book making, animation, and video apps. 
Students improve balance, coordination, strength and flexibility in this beginning level tumbling class.
Students discover Science, Technology, Engineering and Math through fun hands-on activities. 
Students receive a strong foundation in the history, game pieces and rules needed to play chess while learning competitive strategies.
LEGO Logistics
Student collaborate in building different LEGO challenges fostering creativity, problem solving and organizational skills.