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Seventh Grade

Monday through Friday 8:15 am - 3:30 pm

Homeroom Teacher - Joey Stehno



7th Grade Scope & Sequence:
  • Language Arts:  Compound/Complex Sentences, Independent/Dependent Clauses, Perfect & Progressive Tenses, Sentence Fluency, Multi-paragraph Essays, Personal Narrative, Expository Texts, Media Literacy, First & Third Person Point of View and Poetry & Drama
  • Math:  Pre-Algebra - Algebraic Terms, Irrational Numbers, Powers and Roots, Scientific Notation, Graphing Functions, Quantitative Comparisons, Balancing Equations, Transformation of Formulas, Literal Equations, Factoring Algebraic Expressions & Probability and Statistics. 
  • Life Science:  Molecules, Cells, Organisms, Classification, Ecosystems, Adaptations, Natural Selection, Heredity & Reproduction 
  • Social Studies:  Regions of Texas, Early Explorers of Texas, Spanish Colonial Texas, Mexican National Era, The Alamo & Goliad, Texas Independence, Republic of Texas, The Lone Star State, The Civil War in Texas, Conflict on the Frontier, Cattle & Cotton, Oil, World Wars & Depression and Modern Texas  
  • Bible:  Prayers, Daily Devotional, Bible Study, Weekly Memory Verses and Weekly Chapel
  • Enrichment Classes:  Computer, Music, Art, PE and Spanish
A Sampling of Special 7th Grade Activities: 
  • Lock-In Retreat
  • Life Size Alamo Art
  • STEM Medical Mission ER Activity
  • Morning at the Museum (Texas Gallery) Research Project & Presentation
  • Field Trip to the Dallas Heritage Museum
  • Field Trip to Austin, Texas