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Fifth Grade

Monday through Friday 8:15 am - 3:30 pm


Teacher - Jennifer Gillam

Mrs. Jennifer Gillam holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Master in School Administration from Concordia University in Chicago and has over twenty-five years of experience teaching fourth through eighth grade.  She, her husband and four children are active members of Crown of Life Lutheran Church.  In her leisure time, she enjoys running, biking, reading and gardening. 

5th Grade Scope & Sequence:
  • Language Arts:  Possessive Nouns, Common & Proper Nouns, Plurals, Verb Usage, Strong Sentences, Strong Paragraphs, Expository Writing, Analyzing Text Structure, Greek & Latin Roots, Analogies, Context Clues, Author’s Purpose & Perspective, Fact & Opinion and Drawing Conclusions
  • Math:  Numbers & Operations in Base Ten, Operations with Algebraic Thinking, Fractions & Mixed Numbers, Measurement & Data, Geometric Figures and Personal Financial Literacy
  • Science:  Cells to Body Systems, Classifying Living Things, Plant Growth & Reproduction, Animal Growth & Heredity, Energy and Ecosystems, Hands On Experiments and STEM Skills
  • Social Studies:  Age of Exploration, Colonial America, American Revolution, Founding the Nation, Westward Expansion, Slavery and the Road to War, Civil War, Reconstruction,  World Wars and The 21st Century
  • Bible:  Prayers, Daily Devotional, Bible Study, Weekly Memory Verses and Weekly Chapel
  • Enrichment Classes:  Computer, Music, Art, PE and Spanish
A Sampling of Special 5th Grade Activities: 
  • Civil War Mini Play
  • Grammar Café
  • Field Trip to SPARK
  • Science Week
  • Math League Competition