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Fifth Grade

Monday through Friday 8:15 am - 3:30 pm

Homeroom Teacher - Rachael Hamre

Mrs. Hamre is a graduate of Concordia University, Seward, Nebraska with a Lutheran Teacher Diploma, a BS in Secondary Education and concentrations  in  English, Speech and Drama.  She has over 15 years of teaching experience and, in addition to her love of teaching, she has a passion for music and drama and has directed many productions.  Mrs. Hamre teachers Middle School Language Arts and 5th Grade Religion Classes.

5th Grade Scope & Sequence:
  • Language Arts:  Possessive Nouns, Common & Proper Nouns, Plurals, Verb Usage, Strong Sentences, Strong Paragraphs, Expository Writing, Analyzing Text Structure, Greek & Latin Roots, Analogies, Context Clues, Author’s Purpose & Perspective, Fact & Opinion and Drawing Conclusions
  • Math:  Numbers & Operations in Base Ten, Operations with Algebraic Thinking, Fractions & Mixed Numbers, Measurement & Data, Geometric Figures and Personal Financial Literacy
  • Integrated Science:  Matter & Energy, Force & Motion, Earth & Space and Organisms & Environments 
  • Social Studies:  Age of Exploration, Colonial America, American Revolution, Founding the Nation, Westward Expansion, Slavery and the Road to War, Civil War, Reconstruction,  World Wars and The 21st Century
  • Bible:  Prayers, Daily Devotional, Bible Study, Weekly Memory Verses and Weekly Chapel
  • Enrichment Classes:  Computer, Music, Art, PE and Spanish
A Sampling of Special 5th Grade Activities: 
  • Lock-In Retreat 
  • Book Character Day
  • STEM Ecology Day
  • Morning at the Museum (Air & Space Gallery) Research Project & Presentation
  • Field Trip to the Perot Science Museum
  • Field Trip to the Morton Myerson Symphony