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Teacher - Nikki Kinworthy


Mrs. Kinworthy graduated from Concordia University, Nebraska with a BA in both Psychology and Behavioral Science. Mrs. Kinworthy has a passion for serving others, sharing the love of Jesus and spending time with her family.

Physical Education Scope & Sequence:
  • Movement:  Balance, Running, Jumping, Hopping and Skipping
  • Motor Skills:  Throwing, Kicking, Volleying and Striking
  • Wellness Concepts: Healthy Habits, Cardiovascular Endurance, Flexibility
  • Games:  Jump Robe, Tag Games, Ga Ga Ball, Hopscotch, Four Square, Volleyball, Basketball, Kickball, Soccer, Hockey, Frisbee, Baseball, Tennis and Badminton
A Sampling of Special Physical Education Activities:
  • Fitness Challenge
  • Jump Rope Day
  • Field Day